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Cast floors

Cast floors

Stylish, fashionable and seamless floor

Cast floors are extremely popular these days and for good reason! Just like screeds, cast floors are also known for their exceptional strength and their scratch resistance. This makes cast floors ideally suited for the business market, since they can withstand a large amount of activity, without wearing out or being damaged quickly. A cast floor is in fact a special type of finish, which is poured onto a load-bearing floor. The material hardens and you have a brand new floor. Cast floors are often made of concrete, but using other materials, like epoxy and polyurethane, is also possible.

Due to the many types and sizes in which cast floors can be realized, every conceivable space can be fitted with a cast floor. Cast floors come in a large variety of colors and finishes. This gives you many options in terms of interior design and choosing the style that fits you or your company. A cast floor looks amazing in every commercial building, but can also be an excellent option for your restaurant or cafe, for example. Nowadays, households are also increasingly opting for a cast floor, because of its strength and the resilience of the material. A cast floor can save a lot of costs and misery, especially for families with children which can be spilling food or drinks on the floor for example. Warehouses and storage areas also benefit from a cast floor, because of the strongly reduced risk of moisture problems. Cast floors are particularly easy to maintain and last a very long time. You are making an investment for the longer term.

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